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July 25, 2011 / Luke Connor Media

You Got That!

Here it is! Get that shii!


July 22, 2011 / Luke Connor Media

The Final Post

Well, this is my very final post on this blog.. My good friend Matt MacLeod and I have been planning and working on ideas for months now, and have made the decision to ditch our individual sites and partner up to bring you some combined fresh shiii!!! Dropping Monday July 25th, You Got That is hitting the web, get hyped! I will make a post this Sunday and throw up a link to the temporary site, and the debut post will come Monday morning and give the lowdown on the new site. Thanks to everyone who’s visited this site in it’s short life, I appreciate it! I’ll leave you with Aidan getting kinky down a rail. You Got That!


Aidan Broe- 50-50 [o]’s Luke Connor

July 12, 2011 / Luke Connor Media

Where’s Summer At?

It’s halfway through July now, shouldn’t the rain have had enough by now!? Rained today after work and is supposed to rain for the majority of the week…at least I’ll be able to get some much needed rest.

Here’s a no-comply 180 from Sean I shot a while ago, more rock spots…this one just on the edge of a cliff.

Sean Hanabury- no comply 180 [o] Luke Connor

July 6, 2011 / Luke Connor Media

Rock ‘n’ More

So I’m back to work for another 5 days of shovelling and labor, at least I got skating and shooting to look forward to after work every day!! Went to the park yesterday after work to skate and see if anyone wanted to go street skate. After a little sesh, I headed out with Eric Tims, Paart Eboi, Henri Simpson, Robbie Gossen, Rich Redman, and Leon Breton. After we checked out one spot which turned to be a bust, we pulled into a parking lot a few steps away and saw this dope looking rock. As unexpected as the spot itself, a crazy sesh ensued. Leon and Henri skated the rock like a hip, while Rich just shredded under the bar and onto the rock, yeee boys!

Leon Breton- tre flip

Henri Simpson- hardflip


Richard Redman- ripping sequence

And here’s a hardflip over the Save-On 6 rail from Mikey that went down in less than 10 tries about an hour ago. I’m out, peace!

Mikey Degroot- hardflip


July 3, 2011 / Luke Connor Media

The Day After Canada D’eh

Today was another productive day in the Nan’. Spent the day skating with Chase and Jayden, and we ended up getting a few flicks. First spot we checked out turned out to be a bust due to the business being open, but we pulled into a parking lot near to skate some flat and think of some spots. We spotted this filing cabinet in the trash pile, so we set it up into this bank which turned out to be pretty fun. Not quite the “spot” we had originally gone to the area for, but no complaints!!

Chase Torrie- backtail

Jayden Prescott- nosegrind

After some other spot checks and lunch, we hit up the cardlock to skate the ledges. I mentioned a gap to backlip to Chase and he was down, so we got one done! Peace!



Chase Torrie- gap to backlip pop out

July 2, 2011 / Luke Connor Media

Ohhhh Canada

This morning I got my car all insured, so I’m hyped I won’t be needing to take transit anymore! After that, I headed up to Nanaimo and spent the day skating and shooting with Jayprez and Mike from Underground. We originally went to this spot with a different trick in mind, but after that wasn’t working out we did some brainstorming and Jayden pulled something else out. Although I wasn’t able to time this at the millisecond the trick was happening, this is infact a nosebonk! Jay did this a handful of tries, but I just wasn’t able to hit my shutter at the right moment haha. Oh well, still a bangin trick!

Jayden Prescott- nosebonk

July 1, 2011 / Luke Connor Media

Long Weekend Holla!

So it’s the long weekend coming up, and I’m looking forward to a paid day off work! Unfortunately I can’t make it to Tofino this year, but I will be in Nanaimo shooting with the homies there, so that will still be fun!!

Here’s a shot of Cheyenne from a couple days ago. The ground leading up to this 2 stair ledge to drop is pretty heinous, but Cheyenne made due and came through with a proper noseblunt!

Cheyenne Hehr- noseblunt [o] Luke Connor